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How often should I calibrate my display?

How often should I calibrate my display?  We’re asked this question nearly every day.  It’s also a question that’s not difficult to answer.  How often a display should be calibrated comes down to two things:  how often the display is being used; and, how much tolerance of error you’re willing to accept.  In this episode […]

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Early Look at the Sony 4k OLED 30″ Reference Monitor

Avical had an opportunity for a deep dive technical conversation during a private demonstration of the upcoming Sony 30″ 4K OLED Broadcast Monitor currently slated to ship in February 2015.  Rather cool bits here so tune in to be ahead of the curve on this truly impressive display. Duration 11.5 minutes. There is much more […]

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CES 2014 Report!

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES as it is often referred to, is one of the largest showcases for new technology of the year.  I’ve personally been fortunate to say that this is my 13th CES Show; however, I can also say that it is the most disappointing.  While there are many aspects to the […]

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JVC DLA-RS6710U Quick Review!

Today we had the pleasure of working on the new JVC DLA-RS6710U projector and found it to be a significant upgrade from previous models.  Here’s a quick overview of our general findings. The JVC DLA-RS6710U is JVC’s premiere D-ILA home theater projector for 2014 and reaffirms JVC’s commitment to perfecting the line.  Previous JVC projectors […]

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Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 Review – Calibrated by Avical

Hi All, We recently had the pleasure of working with the team; assisting in their evaluation of the Panasonic TC-P65ZT60.  Avical optimized the “ISF Day” and “ISF Night” modes allowing for reviewer Jerry Del Colliano to experience this reference grade plasma display at its’ best. The “ISF Day” mode was calibrated to Rec.709 with […]

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