Early Look at the Sony 4k OLED 30″ Reference Monitor

Avical had an opportunity for a deep dive technical conversation during a private demonstration of the upcoming Sony 30″ 4K OLED Broadcast Monitor currently slated to ship in February 2015.  Rather cool bits here so tune in to be ahead of the curve on this truly impressive display. Duration 11.5 minutes.

There is much more on the podcast but if you’re in a hurry:

  • The panel is the 4th Generation OLED Panel:  4096×2160 Native Resolution.  30” Panel.
  • They are targeting both on set and in post-production for their markets.
  • It is designed as a high performance monitor.
  • They targeted accuracy and stability instead of features, though it will have some features.
  • They are suggesting that calibration will be stable for up to one year.
  • Gammas:  2.2, 2.4, 2.6, Applying Rec.1886 as a Power Gamma 2.4.
  • Panel can handle HDR (high dynamic range) and is capable of 1000 Nits.
  •  Electronics have 12-Bit processing, but the panel is 10-Bit.

Update for this post: See the following article for more details and a special note that there is a 56″ version of this new OLED display. The article is dated April 2013 so we assume we’ll see both sizes coming soon given the 30″ was being demoed recently as discussed in the podcast.

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