Calibration Overview


With display calibration as its singular focus for over a decade, Avical brings expertise honed from thousands of hours of experience to utilize in each system calibration.

Light Measurement

Avical utilizes a Photo Research PR-655 Spectroradiometer to make foundational color measurements of monitors and projectors. With the instrument in stand-alone operation, quantifying basic color performance is a swift, efficient exercise. To solve more complex color space issues, spectral data is exported to specialized software for color analysis during the evaluation and calibration process.

Display contrast ratio and gamma are both measured with the Minolta LS-100 Luminance Meter. Fast response and sensitivity (down to 0.001fL) enable valid, repeatable measurements of image conditions.

Test Patterns

Avical uses an extensive battery of test patterns to isolate and examine individual processes in the video path including: dynamic range, signal to noise ratio, color transcoding accuracy’ display gamma’ color gamut reproduction’ cadence, and motion interpolation.

Additionally, Avical has developed increasingly specialized patterns to always remain current with advancements in video. Each innovation in display technology incurs new requirements for calibration and analysis. Testing that was neither required nor anticipated two years ago has become standard practice for image processing today.

Test patterns are supplied via AV Foundry’s VideoForge and the award-winning Phabrix SxD Portable Generator/Waveform Monitor. Avical’s technicians are well-trained and equipped to output 2D and 3D patterns to all SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 424M, and HDSDI formats.

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