A video system is only as good as its equipment. If any component does not conform to system standards or provide the ability to do so, it will never portray material accurately. Avical now offers consulting services tailored to the consumer and corporate client designed to assist in the purchasing, testing, and development of video products. Please take note that we do not sell equipment.

System Design Program

The Avical System Design Program stems from hundreds of clients who have contacted us regarding product purchasing. Many find themselves in the stressful position of having to make costly equipment choices based on conflicting information provided by manufacturers, reviewers, and/or the Internet. We make this process less confusing, time consuming, and ultimately, more enjoyable, by assembling the best video system possible for your specific home theater needs and budget. Avical objectively recommends components that pass our strict system requirements.

Product Testing Program

The Avical Product Testing Program is designed to provide our corporate clients with an accurate and reliable evaluation concerning all types of video products. This entails non-biased lab testing in order to yield quantifiable results with regards to video performance. The data supplied, along with our unique roles as video calibration specialists, greatly assists in developing equipment that could ultimately be found in more homes.

Product Consulting Program

The Avical Product Consulting Program is an extension of the Product Testing Program. It is designed to further assist our corporate clients by working with their design and marketing teams in determining the best course of action for improved product performance and marketability. We abide by the standards set forth by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). These products are the benchmark within their respective categories. Our ultimate goal is to increase consumer awareness about reference-level products, thus adding market value and profitability to the product manufacturer.

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