What sets Avical apart from the competition?

Avical comes with almost 20 years combined experience in the field of video calibration, during which time we’ve amassed hundreds of reviews/referrals on all types of displays. Our policy of only using reference grade instrumentation ensures the most precise readings. We continually test and evaluate products in our lab and in the field. Avical also treats our clients with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. Our reputation, experience, instrumentation, and customer service sets us apart from any competition.

Does Avical guarantee their work?

In the unlikely event that a display needs servicing within 30 days after being calibrated, Avical will perform a free* re-calibration. If an issue is found the day of the session resulting in rescheduling, Avical is compensated $100.00 plus $50.00 for every hour traveled on top of any excessive toll or parking fees.

*Service documents needed and original traveling fees (if any) apply.

Will a professional calibration void my warranty?

A manufacturer cannot void a warranty unless they can prove that the adjustment(s) and/or modification(s) performed resulted in the malfunction of the unit. But it is suggested to simply not offer them that information to avoid any dispute.

Is a professional calibration needed if I’ve already used a test disc?

Using a test disc is a great first step at improving a display’s picture. We’ve written a DVE tutorial than can assist with this. However, many still find the process difficult or confusing. Most displays also have hidden parameters not known to the end-user that afford even more control. At Avical, we have the technical know-how and testing equipment necessary to take advantage of this extended menu. So for those wanting maximum performance, a professional Avical calibration is their best option.

Why don’t manufacturers calibrate their displays properly at the factory?

Manufacturers adjust their displays to standout in showrooms and to differentiate themselves from the competition. By doing this, viewing modes or “enhancements”, are marketed that often do more bad than good. The fact that most people have never seen a display that adheres to system standards is an advantage, as it allows them to continue misleading the consumer. Furthermore, different home theater systems may require different settings to present material accurately.

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