JVC DLA-RS6710U Quick Review!

Today we had the pleasure of working on the new JVC DLA-RS6710U projector and found it to be a significant upgrade from previous models.  Here’s a quick overview of our general findings.

The JVC DLA-RS6710U is JVC’s premiere D-ILA home theater projector for 2014 and reaffirms JVC’s commitment to perfecting the line.  Previous JVC projectors did not perform nearly as well as the new RS6710.  As an example, gamma tables did not measure as claimed in older model projectors and have been corrected in the 6710. Fortunately, the JVC projectors are some of the most configurable projectors on the market and allow for customized gamma tables to be created, and advanced grayscale adjustments to be performed.  Today, the JVC RS6710U improves upon the older design by adding the ability to upload your own tables to achieve the desired result.  In addition to gamma improvements, the grayscale tracking has also been significantly improved— the two-point grayscale adjustments render a near flat grayscale response throughout the entire range; of course, if you wanted to adjust the grayscale in more depth, you can.

The JVC’s internal color tables do not provide ideal results for achieving Rec.709.  The internal table is close, and the color management system, or CMS, will allow improvement over the internal table; however, the JVC’s internal color tables push 100% saturated colors outside the target range and the CMS system does not allow for all saturation levels to be properly represented.  Ultimately, there is either an error where 100% saturation is outside the target, or saturations less than 100% are under saturated in order to achieve accuracy at 100% saturation.  When calibrated to minimize the overall error, the results are within the tolerance of the standard.

For more information on features and functionality of the projector, please visit the JVC Professional website.

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