Avical is the industry leading commercial calibration company of choice in the post-production market. We are contracted by the top professional facilities for reference display calibration and quality assurance. This includes: color correction suites, VFX workstations, Digital Cinema playback, and gaming development studios. Avical is frequently contracted for calibration of the entire media creation chain, working with DITs (Digital Imaging Technicians) to handle the monitor setup and calibration that ensure LUTs and monitor matching is performed correctly.

Digital Cinema Calibration

Avical is an active participant of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), and has extensive experience working in the Digital Cinema market. We calibrate to DCI standards for series one and series two projectors for both DLP and SXRD technologies. Avical sets up many of the premiere screening rooms and color correction systems throughout the motion picture industry, and is contracted to support a large number of private DCI installations at the homes of prominent Hollywood directors and producers.

3D LUT Creation

Post-production has the least amount of room for error. If the content is mastered incorrectly, the end result will ultimately not be accurate. Avical has extensive experience in building 3D display LUTs (Look Up Tables) that correct poor display performance and achieve an accurate image. The most common implementation we have found is to correct Pro Plasma displays which are utilized as workstation monitors. The vast majority of these displays have a color gamut that is outside the ITU-Rec.709 specification, but inside the DCI P3 specification. Therefore, it is important to use a pre-corrective LUT to achieve accurate colorimetry when mastering content. Additionally, we are able to correct the gamma tables to the client’s desired target.

Monitor Matching

Avical is often informed by our clientele that the on-set monitors do not match the computer monitor for dailies, or the workstation monitor of the colorist or post-production facility. Which one is correct? Which one should they be looking at? While not every monitor will have the same performance capability, we are often able to achieve a look that is within standards, and will minimize frustrating variance of display technologies. Professional monitor matching ensures confidence in the end to end video chain, resulting in a consistent viewing experience from the set to the workstations, and ultimately, post-production.

Facility Calibration

Avical is often contracted to work on the primary monitors that are being used throughout a facility. Upon completion, we often get calls asking to calibrate all of the other monitors, thereby ensuring an accurate and consistent workflow. Not only does Avical offer aggressive pricing when working on multiple displays; we also offer extended service agreements customized to each facility’s requirements. These include a periodic maintenance schedule to track multiple system performance over months and even years.

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