Whether your company plans to incorporate a multimedia layout for its conference room, determining which system best suits its needs, or simply wants its current system calibrated, Avical will help. Our corporate practice offers room design, product recommendations, and calibration services for corporate room settings that may vary from small conference rooms to large multimedia auditoriums.

Room Design

Creating a room capable of producing engaging video presentations and conferences is critical. Avical assists corporate planners in identifying key design considerations, such as: space size, screen selection, projection matching, room automation, light control, and acoustic treatments. Experts from our corporate division will work with your in-house design planners to take the guesswork out of the technical design aspects. As a result, your team can easily focus on the big picture.

High Definition Conferencing

We now live in an increasingly technical and streamlined world. More and more businesses seek to maximize productivity via video conferencing. Setting up an engaging high-definition conferencing system for business to business collaboration is the ideal way to maximize your company’s productivity by minimizing the need for travel. Our experts will determine the proper video collaboration system to suit all of your company’s needs; ranging from dedicated rooms to desktop layouts.

Presentation Projection System

Choosing the right projection system for your company’s conference room is key to the desired effect impressed upon your team. Our experts will determine the best components specific to your organization’s room environment. Factors including ambient room lighting, throw distance, lumens, as well as presentation and connectivity, are all taken into account when determining which components would perform best in your environment.

Video Walls

In order to ensure a smooth, uniform reproduction of content across an entire video wall, it is crucial that each display be calibrated properly. With extensive calibration experience on some of the most sophisticated digital video walls in the industry, the Avical team will achieve stunning visuals on your organization’s video wall.

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