Consumer Experience

Avical offers over 20 years of professional calibration experience for home consumer displays. We’ve built our reputation with consumers over these years by delivering excellent customer service and top-notch results. Avical is committed to excellence by ensuring your display calibration will meet evolving industry standards using our proprietary calibration techniques specific to each display. Avical’s video engineers are dedicated to superiority. When new display technologies evolve, Avical offers the best calibration techniques in the industry.

Why Hire Avical? 

We are one of the few companies properly equipped with reference 2D and 3D test equipment to calibrate both 2D/3D grayscale, gamma, and colorimetry. As a consultant to manufacturers, we have encountered faults in display technologies that cannot be corrected by traditional tools or methods. A conventional calibrationist would fall victim to the flaws inherent to a display’s internal processing. Avical’s video engineers have the tools and knowledge to get the best performance from any display technology by using proprietary techniques and methods developed through our vast years of experience.

Avical has calibrated over 10,000 displays from every major manufacturer and display technology type (CRT, Plasma, LCD(LED), DLP, LCoS, D-ILA, SXRD, OLED, Laser). We utilize custom developed test patterns that accurately assess a display’s performance for professional calibration. Our technology surpasses the limited stock test patterns that don’t offer enough resolution to accommodate the capabilities of new display technologies.

Avical’s video engineers are ISF and THX certified, offering expertise that exceeds standard calibration methods. The result: properly set-up Color Management Systems (CMS), color decoding, brightness, contrast, and sharpness, with an emphasis on the entire video chain. Our engineers have extensive training with video systems and knowledge of color science, enabling them to understand flaws in displays. Avical engineers are prepared when encountered with any particular display technology. This unprecedented experience is what differentiates Avical from the competition.

Avical is the leading professional calibration company of choice for Hollywood studios and post-production facilities. We calibrate the displays that are used to create content for commercials, television, motion pictures, and the displays used by colorists to create DVDs and Blu-ray discs consumers watch at home.

When you hire Avical, we assure you are viewing precisely what the content creator envisioned. 

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